Jamie Bolland


131 x 210
24 pages
black and white digital printing throughout
(with colour printed cover and inside covers)
bound with a staple or two
Edition of 300

I AM A COCOON - by Jamie Bolland

(part of a new series of short pamphlets of poetry etc.)

I AM A COCOON features one side of a dialogue and the thoughts of a schizophrenic singer.


Part of this work came from a series of hash busters sent to my email account around 2004-7. I have always enjoyed the data that these programmes added to get past the spam filter. They often feature really bizarre sentence structure and grammar and quotes or very rough paraphrases from novels. This formed the basis of the unconscious or subconscious of the singer, the rest was adapted from someone I once met outside a pub that no longer exists. Hopefully she is still out there singing somewhere. All of the mistakes are my own.